Investmentzone followed 10 citizens of Gelsenkirchen in their attempt to make use of a plot of empty land at Schalker Verein over the course of 6 month. Participants came together every two weeks to deliberate and discuss in a structured manner the development of the plot. At each meeting micro-grants were given to every player to invest in the game zone. Until the next meeting players had to follow through with their decisions. The players could act on their own, or they could pool their resources and collaborate to achieve greater impact.

In short video-statements the players explained each move. Beside the video-statements the discussions and the decisions taken in the bi-monthly meetings were protocoled in a digital form and published on the project website.

The “Investmentzone" was located in a currently unused plot of the Gewerbegebiet Schalker Verein. On the site of a former steel factory city officials and town-planners had envisioned a new vibrant center of Gelsenkirchen, that mixes business, living and pleasure in an ideal way. Infrastructure measures were taken to prepare the site for investors, but up to date not many plots have been developed. The site therefore speaks about the dreams and hopes of town planners, but it also tells a story of despair, of an unfulfilled promise. In it's ambiguity between hope and despair the site provided an ideal location for the game.

In order to open the game to a global perspective a second game was organized in Bangalore, India. Processes in both cities were documented in the same manner allowing players and interested parties to follow the discussions and actions that took place in a very similar framework but in very different contexts. Our partner organisations in Bangalore ( + suggested as a site for the game a unused plot of land under a flyover. Similarly to the Schalker Verein the site has a rich and layered history, but is currently in a "waiting mode" with it's future development open for deliberation.

The Project has now been "re-invented" for Rauma. Check out the KESKUSTELUPUISTO PROJECT.

Investmentzone : 2014 : Reality Game : 6 months : Bangalore / Gelsenkirchen